Thursday, September 25, 2014

Castle Forged

Oh this? Oh this is just a knife I forged out of STEEL
Took a class at Adams Forge. So cool, going to spend more time there.

Dark Minions

In 2013 commissioned a bunch of pilots, a couple of them in stop motion. Dark Minions was one that was not picked up unfortunately but it's always fun to work on this stuff. I think it came out looking great and everyone on the team worked their butts off. I did the face painting and the hair. Here's a link to the trailer.


This is pretty long overdue. Here is some of the silicone casting and seaming work I did on Paranorman. Those aren't my hands in the picture but imagine a world in which I did something exactly like that.

Face Off - A trip to Kosart Effects Studios

Misha and I are obsessed with Face Off, the special effects make-up show on Syfy. So much so that I sought out a class with the season 4 winner Anthony Kosar all the way in freakin' Chicago. Here is a link to his work and class schedule. I would highly HIGHLY recommend enrolling if you are interested in make-up effects. Anthony couldn't be nicer and he was a great teacher. I took the silicone effects class and learned how to make some grody wounds, working my way up to a full blown zombie make-up. It was sooooo fuuuunnnn. I am really looking forward to taking another class when I have some time off. Here are some pics!
Some sweet boils!
This is Jen, she was my make-up buddy! I totally made her gross. This is the first zombie make-up I've ever done so you will notice I forgot to do most of her forehead.

Death of Me

My Badass Superstar husband Misha collaborated with Further Films on a pitch for a stop motion feature called "Death of Me" based on a short story by Cornell Woolrich. This is a maquette of the main character Walter. He was designed by the talented Julian Narino and sculpted by the gifted Mike Murnane. I painted him with the idea of creating a down-on-his-luck, 1930's, Chicagoan working stiff. The pitch ultimately didn't take off but it was really exciting to work on.

Energizer Commercial

In an effort to get more of my work out there, here is more of it! I wish I was a more exciting caption writer. Sorry ppl. Anyway! Here is a spot for Engergizer I worked on with Screen Novelties. They are always a pleasure to work for. Check out their site HERE I did some of the general fabrication and painting on the robot and painted the pilot's handsome face. I don't know how to post a video so here is the LINK Here's a close up of the FACE. I am ashamed by how blurry these pictures are.


Holy moly I haven't posted anything for a long time! Here is some work that I did for Amazon's new show Tumbleleaf. I did the silicone casting, seaming and silicone painting.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good PDX

Below are some new paintings from the Good Gallery show back in June.
Thanks to Kim Slate and Scott Foster!

Runny's Nugg

Marc Sablezzz